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[Warning weight gain, gas and vore ahead]

James woke up, to the sound of rumbling. When he opened his eyes he smiled. That had to be some of the best sleep he’d gotten in weeks. He didn’t remember his pillow being that soft either. I raised his head to see that the thing he had been sleeping on was in fact the bulbous belly of his babysitter Maria.

“Holy shit did I fall asleep rubbing her belly last night?” As he examined the mound of flab that lay before him, he noted how much more of it there actually was. She had eaten pretty much everything sweet in the house, and it showed on her. Her belly was like an exercise ball, round and shiny. It rose a few feet above her, and jiggled slightly with each breath she took. He checked the clock on his nightstand. Noon?!? He was surprised how long he had slept, but then who wouldn’t sleep like a baby on something as soft as Maria’s huge gut. He began to gently stroke it just to feel how soft it had become. It felt like warm pizza dough in his hands. At first it was only a gentle caress, but over the course of a few minutes, it turned into almost kneading and jiggling. His trance was broken by a loud *BUUURRRPP* James jumped.

“Well good morning my good man. Geez, did you rub my belly all night?”  asked groggily.
“N-no. But I did fall asleep on it. Heh.” He tried to hide his nervousness. Luckily for him, she didn’t exactly notice because a very audible growl was heard. “Good lord I am starving! I need me some grub pronto.” She said attempting to get up. This was difficult due to a) her huge belly, and b) James was still leaning on it. “Hey kiddo, do ya mind?” she exclaimed pointing at her gut.
“Oh God sorry.” He quickly jumped off the bed.

“I see you didn’t make me breakfast in bed.” Maria said. “O- oh man I’m sorry, I’ll get right on it!” He said heading for the door. She quickly sidestepped in front of him causing his face to collide with her flabby gut, knocking him to the floor. He looked up only to be hypnotised by its jiggling. “I’m kidding James, no need to cook for me.” she said laughing to herself. “Oh. Haha oh okay.” James said feeling mildly embarrassed. He grabbed her extended hand as she hoisted him to his feet. “Let’s head downstairs. I need something to eat.” She said turning to leave. “A- actually you ate most of the pantry yesterday.” James called out. She turned around with a frown. “Hmph. Well shit.” She pouted. Even her tummy sounded angry as it let out another, louder gurgle. “Hey don’t be upset, we could always go to the diner downtown. They have the best waffles there.” James suggested. “Hey that’s a great idea.” Her mood suddenly shifting. She almost looked giddy. “God I’m so happy you said that I could kiss you!” Those last two words perked James up. He closed his eyes in anticipation only to be ignored as Maria picked up her bag.

“Alright I’m gonna change, you wait out here. Got it?” James finally opened his eyes when he realised he wasn’t getting kissed today. “Alright.” he responded. Maria grabbed her clothes and headed down the hall to the bathroom. James patiently waited for all of about 45 seconds before getting an idea. A stupid, foolish idea, but an idea nonetheless. He slowly and quietly creeped down the hall. When he arrived at his destination he noticed a crack in the door. He peeked through the crack only to see another. There before him stood Maria, naked, facing away from him. He could see her gorgeous ass in all of its 55 inch glory. She was bent over, reaching for the pants she was about to pull up. It wobbled as she shimmied back and forth pulling the pants up to her hips. When she finished she looked in the mirror which was inopportunely placed on the opposite wall. James noticed this and quickly ran before she saw him. Inside the bathroom, Maria looked at herself in the mirror. “Lookin hot as ever.” she thought to herself. She saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She looked and noticed the door was cracked, but nothing was there. “Hmm. Oh well.” And with that she continued getting dressed.

Back in his room. James sat on his bed, with a grin rivaling that of the Joker’s. It was like he had seen the face of God. “What’re you smilin’ about?” Maria asked leaning against the doorframe. James’s mouth dropped open. She wore a purple shirt that covered her whole belly (for now) as it looked somewhat tight giving it a nice round look. Similarly the jeans she wore were filled to the brim with thigh fat, looking like they were ready to burst at any moment. He had to cross his legs to hide his “excitement”. “You ready to go?” she asked. “Y- y- yeah. Let’s go.” he replied still in awe. They made their way downstairs to leave.


The bell on the door of the diner rang loud as Maria quickly entered the door. James could tell she was famished because she told him at least 10 times in as many minutes on the ride there. They were quickly seated at a booth and a waitress soon arrived. “Hi y’all, welcome to the Broad Street Diner, what can I start ya off with?” “Coke for me.” James replied. “I’d like a coffee with lots of cream and sugar, a chocolate milk, some OJ, and some cola. You get all that?” Maria quickly fired off. The waitress looked surprised as she scribbled down the large drink order. “Uhhh yes m’am. I will be right out with those.” She left still looking quite confused. “Wow that is a lot of beverages.” James said.

“When it comes to quenching my thirst, I like variety.” Maria said laughing. She opened the menu and James noticed her eyes scanned the pages like she was reading the climax of her favorite novel. “What’re you gonna get?” James asked. “Everything looks so good. I don’t think I can decide. Maybe I won’t have too…” She trailed off. Soon the waitress returned with all of the drinks, being extra careful not to spill anything. After placing them all down on the table she asked what they'd like to order. Little did she know what was about to take place in the diner that day.

“I will have the chocolate chip waffles with a side of bacon please.” James ordered. “And what would you like dear?”

“One of everything.” Maria simply replied. “One- what?” The waitress’s eyes opened wide. “You heard me. One of everything on the menu.” she responded casually. “Maria-” James started. “Shh kid. I know what I want.” “The waitress stared at her for a few seconds waiting for her to reveal she was joking but when no reply came, she nervously wrote down the ridiculous order. “I… I will bring that r-right out.” She quickly left and entered the kitchen as Maria leaned back with her hands behind her head, looking smug. “Jesus Maria! What are you doing? Do you know how much that’ll cost?” James exclaimed. “Relax kid. Trust me, I know how much money I have. Besides, I never bite off more than I can chew. I mean that literally, have you seen me eat?” He had. And this suddenly made all of his worried go away. He realised that each bite of each meal she would consume, would further increase her weight, making her even more goddess-like. And her gorging herself this much would be an extremely sexy spectacle for sure.

For nearly a half hour they waited. Maria had resorted to lifting up her shirt and running her aching gut as it gurgled and growled, begging to be filled. James merely watched, trapped in a hypnotic trance watching her hands rub circles around her fat. Eventually, a team of waitresses returned with their food. All the surrounding tables were covered end to end with platters of assorted breakfast items: waffles, pancakes, bacon, ham, eggs, all done in dozens of different ways. James’s waffles and bacon were placed in front of him, between all of Maria’s plates. “Y- y’all need anything else?” The waitress said, praying for the answer to be no. “Nope. This should be plenty.” Maria responded eyes wide with anticipation. As the waitress scuttled off, Maria dug in. She grabbed a plate piled high of a dozen pancakes. Slathering them in syrup, she picked three pancakes up with her hands and swallowed them whole. James was astounded. In 20 seconds flat they had vanished. This was going to be a good day. A large plate of nothing but bacon was next. She placed one piece in her mouth, but a soon as its succulent flavor hit her tongue, she picked up the plate and poured them all in. In an instant the 30+ pieces of bacon slid down her gullet.

Now her glutting of course caught the attention of other tables. Many looked on in horror and disgust as the monstrous woman gobbled down plate after plate of food. They all quickly payed and fled the diner, rushing out the door, leaving only Maria and James left, which both of them were totally okay with. After nearly a half an hour of gorging, Maria had slowed down. Her gut was now huge, pushing against the booth table hard, it squished into her belly creating a sort of fat fold. Her upper belly spilled over onto the table, taking up a somewhat considerable amount of space. Her shirt had rode up to the top of her belly now merely covering her massive bosom. She belched loudly. *BRRRRRRAAAAARRRUUUUPPP* “Whoowie. I am having a goo-*Urrrp* good time so far.” She had eaten about two-thirds of her orders by now. “James?” Maria called out. “Yes?” James responded snapping out of his trance. “I’m having trouble reaching *hic* over this,” she grabbed her belly and wiggled it. “Could you uh… feed me the rest of it?” She asked. James eyes lit up. “I’d love to!” He replied quickly jumping from his seat. She hadn’t expected him to react quite that fast, but she still wanted more food and ultimately didn’t care.

He grabbed a sausage from a plate, and Maria opened her mouth, salivating in anticipation. He slowly lowered it towards her gaping maw. She however was not so patient, and leaned towards it. When she tasted its smoky flavor her ravenous hunger reignited and she quickly scarfed it down. She even unintentionally sucked on James finger to get any remaining flavor off of it. James was definitely liking this. When she came to her senses she quickly stopped, and lightly blushed. James did as well. “All right kid enough, come on. Feed me.” He began feeding her more and more food, pancake after pancake, toast slice after toast slice. Eventually she couldn’t take it any longer and began grabbing any food within reach and shoving it into her mouth as well. “Good God this girl can really eat.” James thought to himself, truly amazed. HE continued feeding her, but she began feeding herself even faster. He could hardly fit anything into her mouth it was so often filled with what she had put in there herself. Her arms were flabby blurs, she couldn't stop eating. “Maria.” James tried to snap her out of it. She kept stuffing and stuffing. “M-Maria-” he was cut off by a loud BRRUUURRPP. This, however, did not slow her down in the slightest. She continued to gorge herself at an alarmingly fast rate. “Maria you need to slow down you’re gonna-” *FRRRRRPPPPT* he was again interrupted by a swift blast from her ample ass. MAria closed her eyes and kept stuffing stuffing, and chewing and chewing, and swallowing and swallowing blindly. James tried tapping her shoulder but that did nothing. Then he had an idea. Maybe he could get her attention with what she loved most. He picked up a piece of bacon. As she stuffed her face he waited for a gap so that he could force it in. With her eyes still closed, she hiccuped and James seized his opportunity, thrusting his hand into her mouth.


Maria gulped loudly. That last swallow had been a big one. She opened her eyes. Every piece of food was gone. She had eaten it all, as if there was any doubt she wouldn’t. Her belly felt huge, but was being divided by the table she moved it out into the aisle. She looked down at her bloated gut. It was absolutely monumentally ginormous. It hung between her thunder thighs (which had burst many a hole in her jeans), touching the ground. It stuck out many feet in front of her, almost touching the bench opposite her. *BBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRUUUUPP* She let out a huge belch. She rubbed her giant belly with delight. Her bodies response was a gurgle and a *PFFFFT* expelling of gas. “Oh my God I am stuffed. That was *hicUUUURPP* AMAZING! I ate *PPBBBBBBBBLLLT* so much. I am actually *hic* proud of my-*hic* self. James help m-*RRAAARRP* help me rub this beautiful ball of Bl-UUURRP-ubber won’t ya?” She looked around. The diner was empty. But not just of patrons, but also of James. “James? James?!”

Suddenly she felt something odd. Something inside her. Something… moving inside her belly. It didn’t take her long to realise what happened. “Oh no… It happened ag-*UUURPP* again. I ate him.” *PPFFFFT* “Oh quit it damn you!” She slapped her ass in anger. This caused her whole fat body to jiggle erratically. It’s response was another long fart. *PBBBBBBBBFFFFFLT* She had eaten other people before, both by accident, or in extreme fits of anger, but she hardly ever did it. She broke down into tears. “W-what am I g-gonna do?!” She balled. “Maria?” A muffled voice said. “J-James?” she responded. “Where am I?” He responded. “Well buddy boy I uh- I might’ve eaten you a little bit.” She said timidly. “It’s comfy in here. Kinda wet though.” She laughed a little, drying her tears. “I’m gonna get you out of here James.” She assured him. “Take your time.” Was his response. In actuality James loved it in her belly. The idea that he had just been swallowed by the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was just awesome. And sexy. Whatever was going down, he was digging it. He was inside of one of his favorite things in the world. A big, fat, jiggly belly. His thoughts were interrupted by an earth shattering *BBBBBUUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPP* The walls around him shook and jiggled. “Wow that was awesome! Do it again!” He called out. “Sorry kiddo, but I gotta get you outta there before you become fat on my fat ass!” Said ass gave a quick *pfft*. Though the idea sounded appealing, in the end he realised he wouldn't be able to enjoy that ass if he were dead. “Alright. How do we do that?” He asked. “Well I’m not exactly sure but we’ll figure it out some how.” Her belly gurgled. She’d need to hurry. “But I know what step one is. Getting off my ass.” Nut when she attempted to stand, she found herself unable to, under the massive weight of her belly. “Well shit.”
Big Babysitter Part 2
Hey everyone look I'm finally back! My excuse: I'm a lazy asshole. But hey, finally got off my ass and finished this story. This series is by far my  most popular, and though I had some ideas for some other series, I felt like I owed it to you guys to come back kicking with this next part. So I hope you enjoy. Lotsa burps, and farts, and fats, and even some vore. And a bit of a cliffhanger. 

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[Warning: Stuffing and gas stuff ahead so if that doesn’t sound good to you, run now and run fast.]

*Hicuurp* Ellie woke herself with a small burp. She immediately noticed that the bed was now missing her partner Max. She glanced at the clock. 1 o’clock PM.

“Aw hell. Overslept again.” She said to herself. She slowly sat up, yawning and stretching as she did so. She looked at her belly. It was considerably larger than normal after the previous night’s feast. She had to be at least over 500 pounds after that. She stood up, naked, and began to get dressed. She put on a rather large pair of overalls, she had obtained as her last pair sort of exploded. Her breasts were overflowing over the top. She had cut a hole allowing her belly to hang out some, both for comfort and for Max’s viewing pleasure. She admired herself in the mirror. “Dayum. I am lookin extra hawt today.”

She stepped into the hall, still a bit sleepy. “Thank God for that Loader Bot.” She thought to herself. Under Max’s command, V4R-N3R had built her small garage into a full fledged house out of spare parts from the junkyard as well as pieces from the bandit village they had destroyed. It had been two months since she and Max had first met but it seemed as though they had been together for years. She crept into the kitchen to see Max cooking something on the stove.

“Heya cutie. Whatcha cookin?” She asked walking to him.

“Morning er- afternoon love. I am making you breakfast.”

“Aw for me? You shouldn’t have.” She kissed him. He was frying eggs in a pan. She glanced at the table. “Oh lord Max you know how to treat a lady!” There before her lie heaping plates of pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, toast, and a gallon of chocolate milk.

“Don’t just thank me, V4R-N3R helped a bit.” He said motioning towards the large Loader Bot she had surprisingly missed when she entered the room.

“I only burned 47.3% of the pancakes I made.” He said waving.

“By the way, you are looking voluptuous as ever.” He said giving her pudge a quick pinch. She giggled.

“That’d be thanks to you and your damn barbeque chicken pizza.” She said sarcastically.

“You beat your record last night. Ten pizzas. Pretty amazing feat.”

“I’m just fulla’ surprises aren’t I?” She leaned in for a kiss, *Brap* and burped in his face.

“That you are.” He said smiling.

“V4R-N3R, could you be a dear and work on fixing the technical’s engine?” Ellie asked.

“Roger that.” And with that he exited to the garage.

“Madame, breakfast is served.” He said pulling her chair out for her and placing a tall stack of pancakes before her. She quickly drowned it in syrup and dug in. Within 60 seconds, the first stack had vanished into her wobbly gut as she pulled a plate of waffles in front of her. Max merely watched in awe as she decimated plate after plate of food. She moaned slightly when she reached the plate of skag bacon.

“Mmm, Max you are the best boyfriend ever.” She quickly said between bites. Max smiled as he gazed intently at the gorging goddess before his. After about seven minutes, Ellie began to slow down. “Aw man. I am getting pretty full.” She said, sounding a bit tired.

“Oh come on Ellie. This is nothing compared to meals you’ve eaten before.” Max said.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to waste all of your hard work…” She said and began eating once again.

“Wow that took a lot of convincing.” Max said sarcastically. She playfully punched his shoulder.
After a bit more indulging, Max reached over and began to rub her belly gently. Her belly gurgled loudly and she seemed quite content. She then picked up the gallon of chocolate milk and began chugging. Max expected her to stop for air at some point, but she kept on chugging, until the entire gallon was empty.

After another 10 minutes eating and eating, she had made it to her last sausage. She looked over at Max with a sad puppy dog face. He picked it up and fed it to her. She swallowed it whole. And with that she leaned back in her chair, her belly bulging greatly.

“Babe, could you *AArrpp* help me to the couch.”

“Sure thing.” He said grabbing her arms. She attempted to stand, but even with Max’s help she could not rise from her chair. “Heh, looks like you’re staying here.”

“Man, I am gettin HUGE.” She responded.

“Could I be of assistance?” V4R-N3R asked entering the room.

“Perfect. Varn, could you carry Ellie to the couch please?” Max said. The bot was silent for a moment.

“I can try.” He said. He put his metal arms underneath her and lifted. Slowly but surely he picked her up and walked to the living room. He gently, or as gently as a hacked robot could, laid her down on the couch.

“Woohoo, that was *BEEEELLLCCHH* fun Varn!”

“No offense, but you are quite cumbersome.” He commented.

“I’m gonna take that as a compliment. *HHUURRPP*
“I have learned that when you belch this frequently, nudity soon ensues so I shall leave the premises.” He said turning to leave.

“It’s probably for the best.” Max said. “Took much for his young mind. Ellie laughed. Max undid the straps of her overalls and pulled them down below her belly. Her large double G breasts flopped onto large stomach which was greatly distended. Max began rubbing it in a circular motion, just as she liked it.

“Ohh… Max *BBBUUURRPP* keep it up.” He continued kneading her soft fleshy belly. It felt like pizza dough, a feeling he had grown accustomed to. Still, its soft inviting touch mesmerized him. So soft yet so firm from eating. He pushed on it slightly.

*BBUURRRAARRP* Ellie belched loudly. “Honey… could ya maybe… do that again?”

“Certainly.” He applied more pressure.

*AAAARRRRRUUUUURRRPPP* “Mmm… that felt good.” Max pushed once more.
*BBUUURRRR-PPPPHHHTTT* Halfway through burping, she farted as well. She laughed. “Ooh that was a good one.” *PPPPPFFFFFTTTTTT* She farted again. “Babe?”

“Yes, dear?” Max replied.

“After eating all that *hic* wonderful food, I think I need to take a nap to digest.”

“But you just woke u-”

*BBBBUUUURRRPPP* He was stopped midsentence by a burp. “Shh…” She placed a finger over his lips. “When I wake up I’m sure I’ll be muuuuch bigger.” Max liked the sound of that. She yawned.

“Well then get some sleep love.” He said. She closed her eyes as he slowly caressed her belly.

“I’ll probably a lot more hungry too. Heh.” She said.

“Guess I’d better get to work on dinner.” Max thought.

“Goodnight *Hurp* Max.” Ellie said a bit drowsily.

“But it’s like 1:45-” Max began.

“I swear to God I will sit on you little man.” She said mildly annoyed opening her eyes a little.

“I wouldn't be totally against that.” He said smiling.
“Oh shut up.” She replied. And with that she layed back and drifted off to sleep.

“Oh good. No intercourse.” V4R-N3R said as Max entered the garage.

“Oh yeah lucky you.” Max replied. “Can’t guarantee that later tonight though.”

“Damn.” V4R-N3R said as sadly as his monotonous voice could.

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{VORE, STUFFING, AND GAS AHEAD. Run if you are not interested.}

Harley woke herself with a hiccup. She glanced at the clock. 6 o’clock PM. “Man these meals are makin’ me sleep super late. Jeez.” She, with difficulty, stood up and admired herself naked in her mirror. “But they sure help my figure.” It was true. Since she had started eating so called “heroes” around Gotham, she had been packing on the pounds. Her breasts could hardly be contained by any of her old costumes, as they were each the size of large watermelons. Her belly had been the main receiver of fat, which stuck out about three feet in front of her and hung down to her knees. She massaged the round orb of blubber contently. She then turned around to admire her booty. “Oh wow. My resplendent rear’s lookin’ good. Haha.” Her 4 foot wide hips jiggled slightly, and her thighs were now like tree trunks. Each cheek was full and wobbly. She gave it a good smack and it jiggled profusely. “Hmm. wonder how much all this weighs anyway. She broke out an old scale and stepped on. After struggling to see over her large belly, she eventually read the number. “Ooh, 552! That’s a new record.” She thought about all of the people that had contributed to her girth. Plastic Man, Robin, a few henchmen, a police officer, and a few would-be vigilantes such as Manite. She was getting hungry just thinking about it.

Even for her size, she was quite nimble due to both her gymnastics training as well as the added boost from eating Robin, so moving about with all of her “extra baggage” was a breeze. She walked over to her closet, looking for anything than could contain her assets. Everything she tried on came nowhere close to fitting. She only had one outfit left. One she had put in the back of the closet. One she had never hoped to have seen again. Her outfit from that night in Arkham City when her Mr. J had died. After then she could barely stand to look at it. However, she remembered it had been very stretchy…

“To hell with it.” She pulled up the skin tight pants. Surprisingly they stretched just enough to fit her ample ass. However she could forget about the belt. Next she attempted to put on the top. It barely squeezed over her boobs, but the corset part remained undone. She wasn’t even going to try to fasten that. She admired herself in her mirror once more.

“Damn. I look hot!” So that was that. She exited her makeshift room she had made out of the head office. Her newest base of operations was the old Sionis Pies Factory. Her stomach growled loudly. “Alright alright. I’ll get ya’ some breakfast. Or dinner. Or… whatever. Ugh I’m too hungry to be clever.” She walked down to the old storage room. It would have been rather cold as stored pies need to be kept frozen, but with the amount of blubber accumulated on Harley’s person, she was plenty insulated. She walked about the shelves snatching pies from them left and right.

“Hmm. I could go for a blueberry, and a cherry, and two chocolates, and ooh 3 s’mores.” When she finally left the storage room she had about 25 pies stacked in her arms. She made her way to a table, plopped herself down, and began eating. She grabbed the first pie, a blueberry one, removed it from its tin, and shoved the whole thing into her gaping mouth. “Mmm… Sho ghood.” She moaned, mouth full of pie. This went on for about 10 minutes before she finally finished her last one.

*BBBBUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPPP* “Oh man that was *hic* so good. Are ya happy now *hiccuuurrp* tummy?” She lovingly rubbed it. *BBBRRRRRRRRROOORRRPPP* “I’ll take that as a yes.”


“Sir, you need to rest.” Alfred said.

“Dammit Alfred, I’ll rest when I find Tim!” Bruce Wayne snapped back. For the last few days, he had been searching for where Harley Quinn might be hiding out. He should have never let Tim go after her on his own. “God only knows what she could be doing to him.”

“Sir, if I may, don’t you think getting some rest would make you better equipped to search for him. You haven’t slept for four days.”

“I… I can’t. I can’t let Tim end up like Jason. I’ve never been able to forgive myself for not saving him, and if I lose Tim…” Bruce stopped. Behind him, his computer dinged. He turned around.
“Facial recognition match for one Ben Jarvis, ex convict who broke parole a few weeks ago. And he’s wearing a red and black uniform. Batcomputer, what’s his location!”

“Sionis Pie Factory, 4479 Ephemeral Road.”

“This is it Alfred. I’ve got her. I’m going to get Tim back.”

“But sir, you’re not at you physical peak. You may not be able to fend off whatever she has waiting for you when you arrive. Please. Just take a nap and then set off.”

“No. I’m going. Now.” Bruce said as he pulled the cowl over his head.


“Alrighty boys!” Harley shouted as she stood overlooking her small army of henchmen. “The Bat’s comin’ for revenge for losin’ his little birdie. He could show up at anytime and from anywhere. Do we all remember the plan?” She waited for a response. She then realised half of them were gawking at her belly. “SNAP OUT OF IT!” She screamed.

“Yes ma'am!” The crowd responded, their trances broken.

“Good. First-” A quiet cry coming from the entrance. The guards. “Ooh ahead of schedule. Places people!” Harley ordered. The lights were then shut off.

Batman slowly snuck through the darkness. He activated night-vision on his cowl and scanned the surroundings. He had a hard time seeing distant objects as his vision was blurred to to fatigue. Up ahead he noticed something on the floor. He approached it carefully. He still couldn’t tell. Finally he was standing on it. It was hard to tell with night-vision. Suddenly a spotlight flashed on above him, blinding him. He turned off night vision and finally saw what it was. A large red X. Before he could react Harley lept from the above catwalk and slammed Batman to the ground, pinning him.

“So B-Man. Long time no see.” Harley boasted as she sat on him. Batman was on his back and Harley’s belly fell just below his chin.

“H-Harley? How did you- ugh… how did you get so… so heavy?” Batman wheezed.

“Oh you know, we are in a pie factory after all. A girl’s gotta eat.”

“Where’s… where’s Robin?”

“Oh bird brain? Well he’s all over you right now.”


“Oh come on do I have to spell it out for ya’? I ate the little brat.”

“You what?!”

“Yup. He was yummy too. Filled me right up. Haha.”

“Oh this is gonna be good.” A henchman said to another.

“Alright everyone out! This is personal!” Harley shouted to all of the watching thugs.

“But- but Miss-” One started.

“Want me to eat you too?!”

“N-no ma’am. Apologies.” He quickly scampered away.

“Mmm. This is nice. My sworn enemy crushed beneath my fat ass!” She smacked said ass for effect.

“You’ll pay for this Quinn.” Batman said.

“Oh but Batsy. This is you payin’ for what you did to my Mistah J!”

“I didn’t kill him. He stabbed me and made me drop the cure!”

“R-really?” Harley pondered this for a moment. “Aw Puddin’. Fightin’ til the bitter end. Oh well. That doesn’t change the fact that soon you’ll be a part of this belly!” Harley picked up her gut and dropped it on Batman’s chest.

“Oof.” It knocked the wind out of him.

“Don’t want you escapin’ when I swallow ya’ so sorry in advance.” Harley turned around putting her large ass right in Batman’s face. “Smell ya’ later Bats!” *PPPPFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT* She farted right in his face, knocking him out cold.


Batman awoke, tied up on a conveyor belt. He looked up to see Harley at the end, mouth gaping. He had to act fast. He began moving his arms, trying to cut the rope using the sharp points on his suits forearms. He cut one rope.

“Come on.” He mumbled. He was now five feet from Harley. Another rope snapped. Almost done. Then he felt his feet enter Harley’s mouth. It was warm and wet.

“Mmmmmm…” Harley moaned as she swallowed his feet bringing his calves into her maw. Batman sliced another rope.

“How many ropes are there?” He thought. Harley had now made it to his thighs. Her neck bulged. He felt his feet enter her stomach. Another rope cut. Five more. Harley then picked him up and began to use gravity to assist her. Batman slid down much faster. She reached his abs, her belly expanding as his lower half filled it. She then got her mouth over Batman’s hands, and with four ropes to go, it was looking pretty grim for the Caped Crusader. she then got to his neck and right before she engulfed his head, she winked at him.

*GUULLPP* Harley swallowed the last of Batman. She traced him down her throat and into her belly. She fell onto her ass, her belly now stretching to her mid calf. She was HUGE.
*BBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP* Harley let out the biggest belch of her life. That belch signified one thing. Victory.

“Aw man Batsy *hic* Whoo that *BBRRRRRUUUPP* That was just wow. *BRAP* You did it Harley! You did it for *hiccuuurrrrp* For Mistah J!” She smiled, a tear welling in her eye. And just like that, her top rocketed off and her pants split right down the middle. She removed the shreds of what was left, and sat there, naked, rubbing her ginormous belly. Batman was putting up a fight. Bulges appeared everywhere as he kicked and punched the walls of his fleshy prison.

“Mmmm… Oh God you do not wanna’ go out do ya Bats. *BBBEEEELLLLLCHHH* Whoo you-you’re givin’ me mad gas Ba-*UUUUUURRRRPPPPP* Batsy. Ooh keep it up.” *BBBBPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTTTT* An enormous fart erupted from her backside, causing her whole body to jiggle madly. “MY GAWD THIS IS THE BEST M- *BBRUUUUUUUUPPP* MOMENT OF MY LIFE!” *PPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFTTTT*

The struggling had subsided and Harley was getting sleepy. There was no way she was making it to her bed. “Guess I’ll just sleep here.” She said tired. She began to yawn only for it to be interrupted by a large burp. *BBBBRRRAAAAAAPPPP* A familiar black cowl flew from her mouth splatting onto the group beside her. “Ooh a trophy. *HIC*” And with that Harley placed her head onto her soft, warm belly and began to drift off to sleep. “Goodnight *hic* B-Man. t was fun but all good things must come to an end. But this bad thing is gonna get soooo fat tomorrow.” *PFFFTTT* And with that, Harley drifted off to a very peaceful, and fattening slumber.


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