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[Warning: Stuffing and gas stuff ahead so if that doesn’t sound good to you, run now and run fast.]

*Hicuurp* Ellie woke herself with a small burp. She immediately noticed that the bed was now missing her partner Max. She glanced at the clock. 1 o’clock PM.

“Aw hell. Overslept again.” She said to herself. She slowly sat up, yawning and stretching as she did so. She looked at her belly. It was considerably larger than normal after the previous night’s feast. She had to be at least over 500 pounds after that. She stood up, naked, and began to get dressed. She put on a rather large pair of overalls, she had obtained as her last pair sort of exploded. Her breasts were overflowing over the top. She had cut a hole allowing her belly to hang out some, both for comfort and for Max’s viewing pleasure. She admired herself in the mirror. “Dayum. I am lookin extra hawt today.”

She stepped into the hall, still a bit sleepy. “Thank God for that Loader Bot.” She thought to herself. Under Max’s command, V4R-N3R had built her small garage into a full fledged house out of spare parts from the junkyard as well as pieces from the bandit village they had destroyed. It had been two months since she and Max had first met but it seemed as though they had been together for years. She crept into the kitchen to see Max cooking something on the stove.

“Heya cutie. Whatcha cookin?” She asked walking to him.

“Morning er- afternoon love. I am making you breakfast.”

“Aw for me? You shouldn’t have.” She kissed him. He was frying eggs in a pan. She glanced at the table. “Oh lord Max you know how to treat a lady!” There before her lie heaping plates of pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, toast, and a gallon of chocolate milk.

“Don’t just thank me, V4R-N3R helped a bit.” He said motioning towards the large Loader Bot she had surprisingly missed when she entered the room.

“I only burned 47.3% of the pancakes I made.” He said waving.

“By the way, you are looking voluptuous as ever.” He said giving her pudge a quick pinch. She giggled.

“That’d be thanks to you and your damn barbeque chicken pizza.” She said sarcastically.

“You beat your record last night. Ten pizzas. Pretty amazing feat.”

“I’m just fulla’ surprises aren’t I?” She leaned in for a kiss, *Brap* and burped in his face.

“That you are.” He said smiling.

“V4R-N3R, could you be a dear and work on fixing the technical’s engine?” Ellie asked.

“Roger that.” And with that he exited to the garage.

“Madame, breakfast is served.” He said pulling her chair out for her and placing a tall stack of pancakes before her. She quickly drowned it in syrup and dug in. Within 60 seconds, the first stack had vanished into her wobbly gut as she pulled a plate of waffles in front of her. Max merely watched in awe as she decimated plate after plate of food. She moaned slightly when she reached the plate of skag bacon.

“Mmm, Max you are the best boyfriend ever.” She quickly said between bites. Max smiled as he gazed intently at the gorging goddess before his. After about seven minutes, Ellie began to slow down. “Aw man. I am getting pretty full.” She said, sounding a bit tired.

“Oh come on Ellie. This is nothing compared to meals you’ve eaten before.” Max said.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to waste all of your hard work…” She said and began eating once again.

“Wow that took a lot of convincing.” Max said sarcastically. She playfully punched his shoulder.
After a bit more indulging, Max reached over and began to rub her belly gently. Her belly gurgled loudly and she seemed quite content. She then picked up the gallon of chocolate milk and began chugging. Max expected her to stop for air at some point, but she kept on chugging, until the entire gallon was empty.

After another 10 minutes eating and eating, she had made it to her last sausage. She looked over at Max with a sad puppy dog face. He picked it up and fed it to her. She swallowed it whole. And with that she leaned back in her chair, her belly bulging greatly.

“Babe, could you *AArrpp* help me to the couch.”

“Sure thing.” He said grabbing her arms. She attempted to stand, but even with Max’s help she could not rise from her chair. “Heh, looks like you’re staying here.”

“Man, I am gettin HUGE.” She responded.

“Could I be of assistance?” V4R-N3R asked entering the room.

“Perfect. Varn, could you carry Ellie to the couch please?” Max said. The bot was silent for a moment.

“I can try.” He said. He put his metal arms underneath her and lifted. Slowly but surely he picked her up and walked to the living room. He gently, or as gently as a hacked robot could, laid her down on the couch.

“Woohoo, that was *BEEEELLLCCHH* fun Varn!”

“No offense, but you are quite cumbersome.” He commented.

“I’m gonna take that as a compliment. *HHUURRPP*
“I have learned that when you belch this frequently, nudity soon ensues so I shall leave the premises.” He said turning to leave.

“It’s probably for the best.” Max said. “Took much for his young mind. Ellie laughed. Max undid the straps of her overalls and pulled them down below her belly. Her large double G breasts flopped onto large stomach which was greatly distended. Max began rubbing it in a circular motion, just as she liked it.

“Ohh… Max *BBBUUURRPP* keep it up.” He continued kneading her soft fleshy belly. It felt like pizza dough, a feeling he had grown accustomed to. Still, its soft inviting touch mesmerized him. So soft yet so firm from eating. He pushed on it slightly.

*BBUURRRAARRP* Ellie belched loudly. “Honey… could ya maybe… do that again?”

“Certainly.” He applied more pressure.

*AAAARRRRRUUUUURRRPPP* “Mmm… that felt good.” Max pushed once more.
*BBUUURRRR-PPPPHHHTTT* Halfway through burping, she farted as well. She laughed. “Ooh that was a good one.” *PPPPPFFFFFTTTTTT* She farted again. “Babe?”

“Yes, dear?” Max replied.

“After eating all that *hic* wonderful food, I think I need to take a nap to digest.”

“But you just woke u-”

*BBBBUUUURRRPPP* He was stopped midsentence by a burp. “Shh…” She placed a finger over his lips. “When I wake up I’m sure I’ll be muuuuch bigger.” Max liked the sound of that. She yawned.

“Well then get some sleep love.” He said. She closed her eyes as he slowly caressed her belly.

“I’ll probably a lot more hungry too. Heh.” She said.

“Guess I’d better get to work on dinner.” Max thought.

“Goodnight *Hurp* Max.” Ellie said a bit drowsily.

“But it’s like 1:45-” Max began.

“I swear to God I will sit on you little man.” She said mildly annoyed opening her eyes a little.

“I wouldn't be totally against that.” He said smiling.
“Oh shut up.” She replied. And with that she layed back and drifted off to sleep.

“Oh good. No intercourse.” V4R-N3R said as Max entered the garage.

“Oh yeah lucky you.” Max replied. “Can’t guarantee that later tonight though.”

“Damn.” V4R-N3R said as sadly as his monotonous voice could.

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{VORE, STUFFING, AND GAS AHEAD. Run if you are not interested.}

Harley woke herself with a hiccup. She glanced at the clock. 6 o’clock PM. “Man these meals are makin’ me sleep super late. Jeez.” She, with difficulty, stood up and admired herself naked in her mirror. “But they sure help my figure.” It was true. Since she had started eating so called “heroes” around Gotham, she had been packing on the pounds. Her breasts could hardly be contained by any of her old costumes, as they were each the size of large watermelons. Her belly had been the main receiver of fat, which stuck out about three feet in front of her and hung down to her knees. She massaged the round orb of blubber contently. She then turned around to admire her booty. “Oh wow. My resplendent rear’s lookin’ good. Haha.” Her 4 foot wide hips jiggled slightly, and her thighs were now like tree trunks. Each cheek was full and wobbly. She gave it a good smack and it jiggled profusely. “Hmm. wonder how much all this weighs anyway. She broke out an old scale and stepped on. After struggling to see over her large belly, she eventually read the number. “Ooh, 552! That’s a new record.” She thought about all of the people that had contributed to her girth. Plastic Man, Robin, a few henchmen, a police officer, and a few would-be vigilantes such as Manite. She was getting hungry just thinking about it.

Even for her size, she was quite nimble due to both her gymnastics training as well as the added boost from eating Robin, so moving about with all of her “extra baggage” was a breeze. She walked over to her closet, looking for anything than could contain her assets. Everything she tried on came nowhere close to fitting. She only had one outfit left. One she had put in the back of the closet. One she had never hoped to have seen again. Her outfit from that night in Arkham City when her Mr. J had died. After then she could barely stand to look at it. However, she remembered it had been very stretchy…

“To hell with it.” She pulled up the skin tight pants. Surprisingly they stretched just enough to fit her ample ass. However she could forget about the belt. Next she attempted to put on the top. It barely squeezed over her boobs, but the corset part remained undone. She wasn’t even going to try to fasten that. She admired herself in her mirror once more.

“Damn. I look hot!” So that was that. She exited her makeshift room she had made out of the head office. Her newest base of operations was the old Sionis Pies Factory. Her stomach growled loudly. “Alright alright. I’ll get ya’ some breakfast. Or dinner. Or… whatever. Ugh I’m too hungry to be clever.” She walked down to the old storage room. It would have been rather cold as stored pies need to be kept frozen, but with the amount of blubber accumulated on Harley’s person, she was plenty insulated. She walked about the shelves snatching pies from them left and right.

“Hmm. I could go for a blueberry, and a cherry, and two chocolates, and ooh 3 s’mores.” When she finally left the storage room she had about 25 pies stacked in her arms. She made her way to a table, plopped herself down, and began eating. She grabbed the first pie, a blueberry one, removed it from its tin, and shoved the whole thing into her gaping mouth. “Mmm… Sho ghood.” She moaned, mouth full of pie. This went on for about 10 minutes before she finally finished her last one.

*BBBBUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPPP* “Oh man that was *hic* so good. Are ya happy now *hiccuuurrp* tummy?” She lovingly rubbed it. *BBBRRRRRRRRROOORRRPPP* “I’ll take that as a yes.”


“Sir, you need to rest.” Alfred said.

“Dammit Alfred, I’ll rest when I find Tim!” Bruce Wayne snapped back. For the last few days, he had been searching for where Harley Quinn might be hiding out. He should have never let Tim go after her on his own. “God only knows what she could be doing to him.”

“Sir, if I may, don’t you think getting some rest would make you better equipped to search for him. You haven’t slept for four days.”

“I… I can’t. I can’t let Tim end up like Jason. I’ve never been able to forgive myself for not saving him, and if I lose Tim…” Bruce stopped. Behind him, his computer dinged. He turned around.
“Facial recognition match for one Ben Jarvis, ex convict who broke parole a few weeks ago. And he’s wearing a red and black uniform. Batcomputer, what’s his location!”

“Sionis Pie Factory, 4479 Ephemeral Road.”

“This is it Alfred. I’ve got her. I’m going to get Tim back.”

“But sir, you’re not at you physical peak. You may not be able to fend off whatever she has waiting for you when you arrive. Please. Just take a nap and then set off.”

“No. I’m going. Now.” Bruce said as he pulled the cowl over his head.


“Alrighty boys!” Harley shouted as she stood overlooking her small army of henchmen. “The Bat’s comin’ for revenge for losin’ his little birdie. He could show up at anytime and from anywhere. Do we all remember the plan?” She waited for a response. She then realised half of them were gawking at her belly. “SNAP OUT OF IT!” She screamed.

“Yes ma'am!” The crowd responded, their trances broken.

“Good. First-” A quiet cry coming from the entrance. The guards. “Ooh ahead of schedule. Places people!” Harley ordered. The lights were then shut off.

Batman slowly snuck through the darkness. He activated night-vision on his cowl and scanned the surroundings. He had a hard time seeing distant objects as his vision was blurred to to fatigue. Up ahead he noticed something on the floor. He approached it carefully. He still couldn’t tell. Finally he was standing on it. It was hard to tell with night-vision. Suddenly a spotlight flashed on above him, blinding him. He turned off night vision and finally saw what it was. A large red X. Before he could react Harley lept from the above catwalk and slammed Batman to the ground, pinning him.

“So B-Man. Long time no see.” Harley boasted as she sat on him. Batman was on his back and Harley’s belly fell just below his chin.

“H-Harley? How did you- ugh… how did you get so… so heavy?” Batman wheezed.

“Oh you know, we are in a pie factory after all. A girl’s gotta eat.”

“Where’s… where’s Robin?”

“Oh bird brain? Well he’s all over you right now.”


“Oh come on do I have to spell it out for ya’? I ate the little brat.”

“You what?!”

“Yup. He was yummy too. Filled me right up. Haha.”

“Oh this is gonna be good.” A henchman said to another.

“Alright everyone out! This is personal!” Harley shouted to all of the watching thugs.

“But- but Miss-” One started.

“Want me to eat you too?!”

“N-no ma’am. Apologies.” He quickly scampered away.

“Mmm. This is nice. My sworn enemy crushed beneath my fat ass!” She smacked said ass for effect.

“You’ll pay for this Quinn.” Batman said.

“Oh but Batsy. This is you payin’ for what you did to my Mistah J!”

“I didn’t kill him. He stabbed me and made me drop the cure!”

“R-really?” Harley pondered this for a moment. “Aw Puddin’. Fightin’ til the bitter end. Oh well. That doesn’t change the fact that soon you’ll be a part of this belly!” Harley picked up her gut and dropped it on Batman’s chest.

“Oof.” It knocked the wind out of him.

“Don’t want you escapin’ when I swallow ya’ so sorry in advance.” Harley turned around putting her large ass right in Batman’s face. “Smell ya’ later Bats!” *PPPPFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT* She farted right in his face, knocking him out cold.


Batman awoke, tied up on a conveyor belt. He looked up to see Harley at the end, mouth gaping. He had to act fast. He began moving his arms, trying to cut the rope using the sharp points on his suits forearms. He cut one rope.

“Come on.” He mumbled. He was now five feet from Harley. Another rope snapped. Almost done. Then he felt his feet enter Harley’s mouth. It was warm and wet.

“Mmmmmm…” Harley moaned as she swallowed his feet bringing his calves into her maw. Batman sliced another rope.

“How many ropes are there?” He thought. Harley had now made it to his thighs. Her neck bulged. He felt his feet enter her stomach. Another rope cut. Five more. Harley then picked him up and began to use gravity to assist her. Batman slid down much faster. She reached his abs, her belly expanding as his lower half filled it. She then got her mouth over Batman’s hands, and with four ropes to go, it was looking pretty grim for the Caped Crusader. she then got to his neck and right before she engulfed his head, she winked at him.

*GUULLPP* Harley swallowed the last of Batman. She traced him down her throat and into her belly. She fell onto her ass, her belly now stretching to her mid calf. She was HUGE.
*BBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP* Harley let out the biggest belch of her life. That belch signified one thing. Victory.

“Aw man Batsy *hic* Whoo that *BBRRRRRUUUPP* That was just wow. *BRAP* You did it Harley! You did it for *hiccuuurrrrp* For Mistah J!” She smiled, a tear welling in her eye. And just like that, her top rocketed off and her pants split right down the middle. She removed the shreds of what was left, and sat there, naked, rubbing her ginormous belly. Batman was putting up a fight. Bulges appeared everywhere as he kicked and punched the walls of his fleshy prison.

“Mmmm… Oh God you do not wanna’ go out do ya Bats. *BBBEEEELLLLLCHHH* Whoo you-you’re givin’ me mad gas Ba-*UUUUUURRRRPPPPP* Batsy. Ooh keep it up.” *BBBBPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTTTT* An enormous fart erupted from her backside, causing her whole body to jiggle madly. “MY GAWD THIS IS THE BEST M- *BBRUUUUUUUUPPP* MOMENT OF MY LIFE!” *PPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFTTTT*

The struggling had subsided and Harley was getting sleepy. There was no way she was making it to her bed. “Guess I’ll just sleep here.” She said tired. She began to yawn only for it to be interrupted by a large burp. *BBBBRRRAAAAAAPPPP* A familiar black cowl flew from her mouth splatting onto the group beside her. “Ooh a trophy. *HIC*” And with that Harley placed her head onto her soft, warm belly and began to drift off to sleep. “Goodnight *hic* B-Man. t was fun but all good things must come to an end. But this bad thing is gonna get soooo fat tomorrow.” *PFFFTTT* And with that, Harley drifted off to a very peaceful, and fattening slumber.

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[Warning! Fat fetishes and gas ahead. All ye who do not wish to see it run for the Highlands!]

It had been a rough few months for Ellie since her brother Scooter had sacrificed himself for his friends on a mission to infiltrate Helios. Though they had had their differences throughout the years, they were best friends. She remembered back when they were younger and he taught her the basics of fixing an engine. It of course exploded and burned down half of a bandit camp, but it was a fond memory just the same. Since she heard the news from Scooter’s crush Fiona, she had been in a deep depression. To cope with her loss, she did what she always did when she felt down. Eat. In two short months she went from her already large 300 pound body to a whopping 450 pounds. Her mother Moxxi had come down from Sanctuary to check up on her in her shop in the Dust, and was shocked to see her at such a weight. Normally she would have tried to convince her to lose the weight like she always did, but her sadness caused her to allow it to go unmentioned. Ellie appreciated that. Another week had gone by, and Ellie had begun to contemplate her life. No guy had ever shown any interest in her, but Scooter in a weird way that shall not be discussed. All of the Vault Hunters she flirted with during their quest to defeat Handsome Jack had been unfruitful. She knew that some human companionship might help fill the hole in her life that Scooter had left. But she knew that would never happen. It seemed no man on Pandora took any interest into women of her size. She would just have to suck it up for now and continue working.
“Aw dammit.” Max uttered as his technical came to a slow halt. “Why can’t bandits take better care of their stuff. I just stole this like an hour ago and it’s already dead.” Max was a man who had left Opportunity after the death of Jack and the fall of Hyperion that fateful day when Helios fell from the sky. His whole family had been killed by bandits when he was young, and he had wandered his way to the Hyperion settlement in its early stages. Now that Hyperion seemed to be a thing of the past, Opportunity would lose its protection and with that, it would be easy pickings for bandits. He left with a bit of food, a Conference Call he looted off of the corpse of a high ranking engineer, and his only friend he had ever had, a Loader Bot called V4R-N3R he had tampered with to gain full sentience.
“We could always walk.” V4R-N3R said.
“That’s what I was afraid of.” Max responded. “Goddammit. We’re in the middle of the Dust and those bandits could come for us any minute. Hey V4R-N3R, search your database for any places we can get this thing fixed that won’t result in us getting dismembered.”
“Searching now. *ding* Ellie’s Garage. An extension of Scooter’s Catch-a-Ride. It’s located about half of a mile from our current location. Judging by the customer reviews we have only a 32% chance of being dismembered.”
“Oh well that’s… Comforting.” Max said a little nervous.
They trekked on, Max walking, while V4R-N3R pushed the bandit technical along. 15 minutes and 7 dead spiderants later, and they arrived. “Man this place is kind of a dump. There’s scrap metal and skag crap everywhere.” Max exclaimed.
“Agreed. My sensors indicate there to be at least 4 de- 5 dead bodies buried in that pile alone.” V4R-N3R pointed at a large pile of trash. Max laughed nervously. The garage doors were open so Max stepped in.
“Hello? Is this Ellie’s Garage? We could use some help with our car.” He shouted looking around.
“Well hey cutie. You need your car fixed?” A voice said off to his right. Max turned to see a woman in an orange shirt and overalls, which seemed quite tight as she was HUGE. She was a good six inches shorter than Max, but that didn’t stop her from having monumentally large boobs. Each had to be double G cups if those were even things, Max wasn’t sure, which rested upon a large, round belly that stuck out 2 feet in front of her, jiggly love-handles hung over the sides of her overalls.Her hips were extra wide and her whole body jiggled with each step she took. She was the most beautiful woman Max had ever seen. “What’s the matter sweetheart? Skag got your tongue?” She said. Max then realised he had been staring, wide-mouthed, for at least a minute.
“I’m model V4R-N3R and this is Max. Our means of transportation has been compromised and needs immediate mending.” V4R-N3R spoke for Max.
“Y-yup. What he said.” Max stuttered not taking his eyes off of her. He noticed a little black heart tattoo near her cleavage which looked almost like a nice soft ravine of fluffy- he quickly snapped out of his trance when she said, “Well you’ve come to the right place. I think. Many of those words I did not catch but I see a broken car so I think I understand. Bandit technicals are my specialty.” She said smiling. “Wait a minute.” She said drawing a large revolver from between her boobs. “I  see that Hyperion logo on your shirt. And that’s a Hyperion Loader. Are you some kinda’ Neo-Handsome Jack Nut?”
“N-no! We abandoned Opportunity a l-long time ago. No ties to Hyperion at all.”
“Oh well good. Now let’s see what we can do fer ride here.” She pushed the gun back into her large cleavage.
“Wow. That’s impressive.” Max thought to himself. “Wonder what else she could fit in those-” He was interrupted by V4R-N3R.
“Scans indicate a broken axle, two flat tires, a faulty engine, and a faulty gearbox.” He said.
“True. But ya missed the overheated radiator in that there scan.”
“Damn. She obviously knows her cars.” Max thought.
“She stole my thunder. Not cool.” V4R-N3R said aside to Max.
“Well sit on down sugar and let me get to work.” Max sat in a chair and watched as she opened the hood. She bent over to reach deep into the inner workings of the car, giving Max a wonderful view of her ample posterior, held tight by her overalls.
“Hey Varn, how much do you think she weighs?” Max whispered.
“Four hundred and sixty five pounds easy.” V4R-N3R said a little too loud. Ellie looked over her shoulder at Max with an interested look on her face. Max looked angrily over at V4R-N3R.
“What?” He asked. Ellie giggled. She then proceeded to bend back over, even further than before. Max was really enjoying this visit, and was surprised to hear a loud ripping sound. Ellie’s overalls had split right down the middle, revealing her crack for all, or at least Max, to see. He sat gaping, drooling a bit, at the sight.
“Sh-she doesn’t have on panties.” He thought to himself.
V4R-N3R, using the signal from the cybernetics in Max’s brain, standard issue for all Opportunity residents, he spoke aloud Max’s thoughts: “Dat ass.” Max looked over at him and mouthed, “What the hell man?” V4R-N3R shrugged. Ellie blushed.
“Whoops. Seems like I’ve ripped my overalls. Again. Guess I didn’t do as good a job fixin’ it as I thought.” She said playfully. She then bent all the way down, splitting them further, revealing even more of her ample ass. She glanced at Max, whose expression resembled that of an anime character, nose lightly bleeding.
“Um… I’m going to step outside.” V4R-N3R said as he stepped out and closed the garage doors.
“So sweet thang. Like what ya’ see?” Ellie asked, still bent over.
“Uh-I-oh-ech.” Was all he could muster. Ellie stood up straight and approached him.
“Shhh.” She placed her finger on his lips. She then proceeded to turn around and sit in his lap. Her bare ass right on Max’s crotch. Max was in heaven. Sure, he was in immense pain from having roughly 465 pounds dropped on him, but he loved it. She shifted weight a bit back and forth, giggling all the while. She then stood up and removed said overalls entirely. Max got a full look at her backside which was three and a half feet wide and wobbling wildly. She turned around, to expose her large belly, falling down to her mid thigh, covering her naughty bits. It looked so soft, so smooth, so jiggly. She then, slowly removed her orange top. Her gigantic breasts flopped down onto her belly, sending shock waves throughout her body. They were even bigger than Max had once thought. They hung stuck out farther than even her fat midriff, which was saying a lot. She approached Max slowly and seductively. She plopped back down in his lap, this time facing him, her belly enveloping his, her breasts on his shoulders, his head in her cleavage.
“Mmmf mmmm.” Max tried to speak. He pulled his head out a bit so that he could speak.
“Well that escalated quickly. I mean that got really intense really fast.” Ellie then realised what she was doing. She merely noticed a dude staring at her ass, and now she was naked on top of him. Maybe she was turning out like her mom. But she hadn’t felt even the slightest of love from a man in years, and she believed that this could be the beginning of something beautiful. He hadn’t run, or pulled a weapon, or called her a whale, or performed some strange haiku before becoming invisible. He had stayed and gawked and currently looked like he couldn’t breathe he was so happy. Or maybe that was just him being crushed under her weight.
“You okay sweetie?” She asked.
“Yeah-... F-fine.” He said, sounding a little weak. “If I may…” he said as he slowly began rubbing her large belly.
“Mmm that’s the stuff. Keep it up.” She said moaning a bit. Her belly felt like dough in his hands. He had never felt anything quite so soft in all his life. He was enveloped in a sea of flesh and he never wanted to leave. He continued stroking her belly.
“Oh that’s nice. That feels- *BUUUURRAAAPPP*” She burped right in his face. He stopped rubbing for a second, smiled, then continued with even more intensity. “Oh he’s a keeper.” Ellie thought. “Do ya’- *hic* do ya’ treat all girls as good as this *braaap*”
“I haven’t really enjoyed the company of women much in my life. Mostly due to Hyperion’s strict curfew regulations. And never have I seen a woman as large and as beautiful as you Ellie.”
“Aw shucks. You’re real sweet. I could just eat you up.” Max genuinely believed that. Max moved on to her ass, a hand on each cheek, rubbing in a circular motion. “Oh Lord that’s nice.” This went on for a while, then Max gave one of her cheeks a slap. *PPPFFFFFFFFFFTTTT* a loud fart erupted from immediately after. “Oh, I am so sorry. I-” Ellie began. But Max silenced her with a kiss. They embraced and suddenly a sharp snap was heard as the chair they were sitting in collapsed sending Max and Ellie to the floor. Ellie was laying on top Max as they both laughed at their misfortune. “Well this is a nice position we are currently in.” Ellie pointed out.
“I agree.” Max replied. “Shall we?” Max asked.
“We *BBAAAARRRRUUUPPPP* Heh. ‘Scuse me. We shall.”
Outside, V4R-N3R sat quietly on the concrete ground. He heard a few moans, heavy breathing, burps, farts, and the occasional “Yeehaw.”
“I guess I’ll just… Sit uncomfortably out here. I want no part in that insanity.”

Tales From the Blubberlands | Part 1
Hey it's another story. I feel that for the many video game females that are used for fat fetish art, a rarely seen beauty is Ellie from Borderlands 2, and she's already rocking BBW status! I tried to add some Borderlands type humor here and there.  I left many references to things Borderlands related in there, mostly from Tales From the Borderlands. Had an idea. Typed it up. Enjoyed it as I did it. I hope you enjoy it too. Also this could count for #digitalCurves .
PS: Try and figure out the reference in the Loader Bots name. If you do you'll get an Official Hyperion Hypothetical Cookie!


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