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(WARNING: Contains vore as well as some gas so turn back now if you aren't into that.)
“Do you feel tired? Like you lack the necessary energy to make it through the day, even though you eat perfectly healthy? It may not be your fault. Introducing Absorbaphil by Baites Pharmaceuticals. Absorbaphil is a new medication that allows your body to absorb any and all available nutrients from the food you eat. Now you can finally get back on your exercise routine. Keep working that late night shift. Finish the repairs for the house. What are you waiting for? Get Absorbaphil today! Ask your doctor is Absorbaphil is wri-“
Harley paused the TV. She leaned forward in her chair. It had been a whole year since her beloved Mr. J had passed at the hands of Batman. He could have saved him. He could have given him the antidote. Why hadn’t he? For months she grieved, mourning the loss of the most amazing man in the world. He could have saved him! That grief had turned to anger as she plotted for revenge. She smiled with a devilish grin as she gazed at the screen. This commercial had given her a wonderful idea. A crazy idea, mind you, but an idea so crazy, it just might work.
Dr. Norma Baites sat at her desk, looking at a sales report on her computer screen. "This new pill is selling most excellently." She thought to herself. There was a knock at the door.
“Come in.” she responded. The door opened, and George, a security guard stepped in.
“Yes George?” Norma asked.
“Uhh…” is all George could mutter as a woman clad in a red and black latex jester suit stepped in holding an over-sized revolver to his head.
“Scream and the pig gets it.” She said smiling.
“Wh- What is it that you want?” Norma asked nervously.
“Why, that new fancy pill ya’ cooked up of course.” She replied.
“Why are you here then? You could have just ordered it.” Norma responded confused.
“Why that’s just no fun, sweetie.” Harley replied in her cute accent. “Mr. J always told me to make whatever you do as fun and as dangerous to others as possible. Hee-hee. Plus, damn those pills are expensive. $40 for a bottle of six pills? Maybe I’m not the only crazy one in this here building.”
“O- Okay.” Dr. Baites was terrified. She reached into a drawer at her desk and pulled out a bottle. “H- Here you go.” She held out the bottle to Harley.
“Uh-uh. I want to double my order.” She said, her tone becoming more serious.
“Uhhh…” Norma looked around the room frantically. She saw another bottle, already opened on the corner of her desk. Only five pills remained, as she had ingested one before her lunch break, but it would have to do. She poured its contents into the other bottle then gingerly handed it to the clown-girl.
“Now was that so hard?” She snatched the bottle from Norma’s hand. George glanced at her nervously. “Bottoms up!” Harley announced as she poured all eleven pills into her mouth. With a large and almost painful looking swallow, she got them down. “Thanks a lot doc! Let’s do this again some time!” She pulled the gun off of George’s temple and pulled the trigger. A red flag inscribed with BANG! popped out as she did a somersault and leapt out of the open window behind Norma. Norma and George looked at each nervously, wondering what that many pills could do to a person, then proceeded to call the police.
Back at her amusement park hideout, Harley stomach grumbled violently. “Yeah yeah, I know. Don’t worry tummy. Dinner’s comin’ soon!”
As Patrick O’Brian walked about the streets of Gotham, he felt a warm breeze blow through his black hair. He had decided to come and visit the city after hearing of its high crime rates and he believed that Plastic Man could help solve some of that. He entered a café and ordered a scone, before sitting down at an outside table and began munching away at it. Suddenly a massive explosion a few blocks down the street interrupted his moment of solace. "Perfect. Now’s my time to shine." He thought to himself as people, screaming, dashed by. He stretched up onto the roof, tore off his clothes revealing his red and white suit and donned his white sunglasses. Plastic Man had officially arrived. He jumped back down to the street and morphed his legs into wheels as he sped off to investigate. He arrived at the scene and saw a small black and red box sitting in the middle of the street. "Hmm…" He thought as he approached it. He reached towards it only to have a small toy head on a spring leap out at him. “Dah- Heh. Wow, can’t believe that actually scared me. I need to really ch-" He was cut short by a sharp pain in his neck. He felt at it. It was a dart. “Suddenly, I wanna’ take a little nap…” He trailed off as he collapsed on the concrete. Harley stepped out of the alley holding a tranquilizer gun and hoisted his body into a nearby van. She hopped in the back with his limp body as the henchman in the driver’s seat floored it.
“It’s time.” Harley said to herself. She had brought him back to her hideout and had stretched the unconscious super out into a red and white spaghetti noodle. A spaghetti noodle the length of a football field. “Well, time to get to slurpin’.” She put what seemed to be his stretched out legs into her mouth and began to swallow. Just like a bowl of pasta, she slurped him up, pulling him into her stomach bit by bit. He tasted a bit like rubber. After about 30 seconds her stomach began to grow a bit. She rubbed it affectionately, knowing it wouldn’t stay that way for very long. She slurped and slurped as her belly grew more and more. "Sheesh how long is this freak?" She thought to herself. After slurping for five whole minutes, she was reaching his head.
“No, I dropped out of school for a reason ma…” Patrick murmured groggily as Harley slurped the last of his head into her gut. *BBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP* Harley belched, having consumed what felt like the biggest plate of pasta she had ever had in her life.
“Wow P-Man, you didn’t really put up much of a fight.” She said. “Really filled me up though *Burp*.” She rubbed her distended belly. It stuck out a whole two feet in front of her. Her outfit strained to contain her new girth. “*BUUURRRRPP* Oh man, *yawn* I need to take a nap after that.” She walked to her bunk, which was more difficult than normal, and lied down. She could feel Plastic Man wriggling around inside her as they drugs wore off, but it would do him no good. He would be digested before he would ever know what was going on. “*Yawn* Goodnight Mistah J.” She said to a small doll with green hair and a purple suit. She snuggled it close to warm, gurgling belly as she drifted off to sleep.
Harley awoke at 12:34 the next day. “Aw man, that was the best night of sleep I’ve gotten in ages she said stretching. *PPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFTTTTTT* A loud fart escaped Harley’s sexy ass, making her cheeks quiver. “Ooh. That was good one.” She said to herself. As she stood up from her bed she noticed something. Her two foot belly was gone, but plenty of pudge was left in its place. Her belly was soft and round, and hung down into lap a solid half foot. Her twins had grown as well. They had ballooned to be pushing the line between D and E cup. She turned to see her new blubbery ass jiggling with each step, her waist much larger than the night before, and her cheecks now sticking out a considerable amount. Her new found bubble butt was magnificent and she gave it nice smack. It jiggled with an extra rubberiness that was partly due to its new size as well something else. “Time to test my little hypothesis.” She giggled. She went to the food court, her makeshift kitchen, and proceeded to grab a few fruits for breakfast. She laid an orange and a watermelon on the table in front of her. “Here goes nothing.’” She said as she raised the orange to her lips and opened wide. Amazingly her mouth stretched enough to fit the whole orange inside. She then swallowed it with no problem. She felt it being pushed down her esophagus and into her belly with a small splash. “Wow! That was awesome!” she said giddily as she eyed the melon. She hoisted it up with both hands and shoved into her gaping mouth. It stretched accordingly and she swallowed it whole. She now looked fat and nine months pregnant. Now for the real test. She thought as she rubbed her belly affectionately. “Hey bozo!” she shouted at a henchman standing a ways away. “Come over here!” She said in a quite sensual voice licking her lips. He, very quickly, complied and came running to her. “Close your eyes and pucker up she told him.” He obediently closed them and leaned forward. Harley grabbed his shoulders and shoved his head into her mouth and began swallowing. He tasted amazing. She moaned in pleasure as he struggled to escape. As she made her way down his torso, she could feel him entering her stomach as it began to bulge. When she reached his legs she tilted her head back and they slid right down. His shoes and socks slipped off when she got to his feet, which she slurped up hungrily, and with one final gulp, the henchman was inside her. *BBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRPPPPPPPP* Harley belched, then smiled. She looked down to see her suit rip as her gigantic belly fell through the hole and flopped between her legs as she sat down. Her belly had to have stuck out at least five feet and was as round as could be. She could feel him struggling as bulges protruded here and there all over her spherical stomach. She moaned loudly. *PPPPPPPFFFFFFTTTT* In her pleasure she released another large fart that shook her whole body. “Ah this feels- *BBRRRAAAPPT* -so damn- *hic* -good.” She said as she rubbed her belly. Finally, she had the means to end her hatred once and for all. She had now gained the ability to stretch from that lame-brain Plastic Man and was ready to take on the one man who had ruined her life one year ago. “Get ready B-Man! *BBRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPP* I’m comin’ for ya! Hahaha!”
Harley's New Trick | Chapter 1: Bulging Beginning
Hi. This is a series I will be doing following Harley Quinn on numerous voracious adventures. In case you couldn't tell, she starts out not being able to eat people, but this soon changes. This story takes place in the Batman: Arkham universe, after Arkham City but disregards Arkham Knight and goes in a very different direction. Please enjoy!
Harley Quinn belongs to DC Comics.
Name: Maria Martinet
{No pic because I can’t draw for shit. Feel free to draw if you want and I may use it}
Age: 21
Height: 5’9
Weight: 308, but can and often will exceed that
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: White
Physical attributes: Large round belly, 125 inch booty, E-cup breasts.
Nationality: American, but her ancestors hail from Italy
Preferred outfit: Green belly shirt reading NOM!, shorts that are “a little” too small, glasses
Bio: Kind, sweet, and hungry are words that could be used to describe Maria. She can be gluttonous if she really feels like it, but not always. All her life she has been large, and for that very shy. Often ridiculed by her classmates, she kept to herself but was always kind to everyone she met. However, she did hold a burning hate for Patricia, a cheer-leader who had harassed her her whole life. One day, in her freshman year of high school, she caught a boy staring at her. When she met his gaze, he smiled and waved. At first she thought it was a trick, but this boy actually loved Maria and her body. Only later did she find out that this boy was Eli, the guy Patricia always spoke about dreamily. She knew this was the ultimate defeat, and Patricia has been furious ever since. Eli and Maria now live together happily.
Likes: Video games, pizza, anything sweet, anything nerdy, BACON, belly rubs, sitting on people, YouTube, root beer, staying indoors, frogs, Eli.
Dislikes: Rude people, exercise in any form, lag, the sun, Patricia.
Guilty pleasures: Quite gassy; she loves burping and farting, and Eli is surprisingly all for it.
Vore capabilities? Yes, but only when extremely hungry or angry.
Favroite movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (“It’s most excellent!”)
Favorite bands/styles: Pearl Jam, TryHardNinja, dubstep, Eminem, Epic Rap Battles of History (“They count right?”)
Favorite games: Telltale games, especially The Walking Dead (“Save Doug!”), Black Ops 2, any game with Wario in it, especially Wario Land Shake It and WarioWare Smooth Moves.
Favorite book series: Iron Druid Chronicles
Favorite stand-alone book: Paper Towns
Favorite TV shows: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Last Week Tonight, iZombie, Survivor, Daredevil, the Blacklist, Backstrom (“Fuck you, it was good!”), the Big Bang Theory, Top Gear, and Ben 10 (before Omniverse, “Omniverse can suck a dick!”)
Maria Martinet Bio (My new OC)
Thought I should create an OC. I may right stories about her if I feel like it, or use her in requests or commissions in the future. Again if you feel like drawing her it would be appreciated and if I like it I may use it in this bio, but it's totally up to you. Anyway, just enjoy... I guess. 


No journal entries yet.


United States

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